Weekly Digest

I began with Domashany. And they, as you know, start from the Minsk-Vostochny station.

Time of lupin (horse sorrel).

Mandatory collection of brushwood. Try to find more branches in this greenery. So far, it’s working.


Fairy tales tell a story. Observe fire safety.

Mandatory barbecue.

On the way home.

Minsk Arena has hospitably opened its doors for skating enthusiasts for a month. Sometimes professionals leak in there.

Finally, he took the lamps to a special container. Not mercury-containing, but luminescent.

I handed over the accumulated glass. For eleven kg of glass, I received about 0.5 dollars. Just enough to buy a bunch of dill from the grand from the subway.

Someone is handing over glass, someone Moskvitch.

And yes, I bought a bunch of dill, as I wrote above.

I’ll just sprinkle potatoes in a rustic way and a country barbecue, which my friends carefully laid down for me on the road.

Thanx for watching the post!

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