Tuchinsky Square, aka Mukhlya

My favorite place in the district for walking, dating and relaxing. Well, you can go fishing.

Today, there are no historical facts, only a few photos of the main attractions of the square, sculptures by the architects Gelfand and Kustov.

The entire square is now in a terrible state, but the city authorities promise to clean it up by mid-summer 2021.

A fact of life about this ladder with a ring: as a child, I fell down from it and got a concussion. That explains a lot.

And the square’s neighbor, “the Sovremennik Cinema”. I will make a separate post about it.

p.s. I’m sure that the post will be corrected, so fighters for originality, take screenshots. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Tuchinsky Square, aka Mukhlya”

  1. Vivid and bright description of this place. I really understood your attitude to it and felt the atmosphere around it.
    I relish reading this article!

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