Things made in the USSR that I still use

Sancho in 1982. Unstoppable fun.

I must say right away – I hate the Soviet Union. But this is another story. Since fate ordered me to be born and grow up in it, I had to use some things. And, as it says in the title, I still use some of them to this day.

Photo album. With my first photos.

My talisman is an opener. Hanging on my keys. Reminds me of the days when I was young in mind and body.

I sleep under a heavy cotton blanket.

A stool. Used for its intended purpose.

I found several items in the kitchen. Can opener. Works flawlessly.

But the hammer for beating meat is idle.

I live in a house built in 1966. Khrushchevka / Brezhnevka. The house has recently undergone a second major renovation.

Will be added.

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