The tenth August post

I will show the difference between common reed and cattail.

I signed the pictures. Cattail is also mistakenly called reeds (Scirpus lacustris). But I did not find the reeds (cane) itself on the district pond.

A small addition to the post: in English, reeds (Phragmites australis) and reeds (Scirpus lacustris) are called the same. Therefore, I added the Latin name to make it clear.

Once again: on the left is a common reed, on the right – cattail.

The duck butt.

While you were distracted by the feathered ass, I mixed the pictures. Where is the cattail now, and where is the common reed? Write your answer in the comments.

Thanx for watching the post!

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4 thoughts on “The tenth August post”

  1. Утиная попка похожа на раскрытый рыбий рот (я так подумала до прочтения описания).

      1. Ну кто же дочитал до конца:)
        Рогоз слева, камыш справа.

        1. Это фиаско. Я этим постом пытался донести различие между рогозом и тростником обыкновенным, отмечал, что не нашёл камыш на пруду. А они!?

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