The second August post

In memory of Kristina…

It’s been seven days since Kristina (PANDA), my lovely friend, passed away.

It’s really hard for me to collect my thoughts right now. Viewing the photo causes only a rain of tears and hysteria.

I started calling Kristina a Panda almost from the very first day I met her. It was the summer of 2007, when pink and black young people with stockings on their hands were walking around, and Tokio Hotel blared from all the speakers (not yet bluetooth).

There must be a joke about the Tokio Hotel female-vocal.

Tokio Hotel one love

Kristina was one of their fans.

Our first photo together.

I want to note that the first year it was difficult to take a photo of Kristina, not hiding behind emo bangs.

But I did it. It was because of this makeup that I called her Panda.

That’s almost all. I have a lot of photos to remember, a lot of stories. But this is my personal.

As the years passed, the love for TH remained, but the style changed.

It’s already autumn 2020… Give flowers to girls and bouquets of spicy herbs to women.

Summer 2021. Last walk before Kristina leaves for the Czech Republic.

And on the same day we took our last photo together…

The damned cancer took away from the parents of the only child, from the husband – a loving spouse, from me – a good friend.

The most memorable thing for me, my favorite photo. The photo was signed and torn by Kristina. But I fixed it. Now it is stored with me along with the most important documents.

Rest in peace, Kristina. You will always remain in my heart.

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