The ninth August post

Picnic on the stump. Opening the season 2023.


As usual, I start from the Minsk-North station. The construction of the Chinese stadium changes the skyline.

I came to the forest known to my readers and walked. On the road, path, off-road.

The first hour I was engaged only in photo-hunting. There was nothing to put in a bucket.

My route is permanent. Stop for a snack.

In the distance is the outskirts of Zaslavl.

Beautiful forest.

And a terrible bald spot from last year’s deforestation.

Every year there are forest games. And they don’t always clean up after themselves.

Finally, I noticed them. Suillus luteus, carefully covered with ferns.

Further, two more small sections were found.

I collected about 7 liters from them. More than I planned to find for the hike.

I had a picnic in high spirits.

You already know that after me I leave only a slightly trampled area.

With a sense of accomplishment, I went to the station.

Thanx for watching the post!

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