The final post

On this rainy February day, I realized that I could not continue the project.

Three years, 285 posts.

There are some that I am especially proud of: the “reconstruction” of the Sovremeniik cinema, Robozveri of the 90s, a series of posts about Mukhlya, recycling and, of course, about neighborhood canteens.

However, over the past year I noticed that what the site was created for has ceased to be relevant.

Well, the main reason for closing: at this stage of my life, I drove myself into a financial abyss, therefore I will not be able to pay for the renewal of the domain and hosting. So, in early March, when the paid hosting rental runs out, the site will disappear into the web archive.

I would not be me if I had not completed the epic with a post under the tag didntpostdidnteat.

Finally, I got to the fast-food outlet “You Are Not There” (“Tut Vam Ne Tam”), which operates nearby.

There are plenty of choices: burgers, shawarma, sets of fries. I chose falafel.

And I will say that it was very successful. One of the most delicious I’ve ever tried.

Our ruble will not rust

A little luck on the way home.

I’m not sure that the project will be revived. But it also appeared ten years after the previous one was closed.

So today I’m saying Farewell to all.

Thanx for watching the post!

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