More precisely, collecting of secondary resources. There will be numbers today.

Today it goes to recycling: 6.5 kg. of wastepaper, 5 kg. of glass, 1.2 kg. of aluminum cans and a printer weighing almost 10 kg.

Пяць рублёу.

And I got… Truly speaking, I had to get 4.60. But I found a change of 40 kopecks of the money found recently on the streets.

Now at the shop for shopping.

The road to the store runs through the “island”, where local drunks like to gather. Their number (drunks) can be judged by the corks abandoned here. And this is with regular cleaning. The bruises were here literally 10 minutes ago, but now they moved to the entrances of the stores to beggars to the next bottle.

From the words to this “grocery” basket only the dollar exchange rate for today: 2.83.

I took beautiful plates so that Zolton wouldn’t have to complain about anything.

The numbers about my lunch (for a portion): pierogi- 2 rubles, pepper – 0.30, apple – 0.40, sour cream – 1.28, water – one penny.

Thanx for watching the post.

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    1. Вот бы ещё Золтон оценил, но он сейчас на своей планете, там закрыт доступ к моему сайтику.

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