I continue to “plunder” the treasury.

Such an artifact has been found. I have already written about the exchange of bottles for money. The box went into a container for plastic.

The first run. The remains of a bicycle and some unidentifiable scrap.

The second run.

I want to note, that all the contents of the box were found in the trash tanks of the telephone station (in the last Millenium)! This is true!

Warning: its result, at first, can lead to envy to Sancho. But then, everything will fall into place.

I would not be me if I had not missed (lost) the profit (benefit). I could triple this amount if I had previously removed (did not burn!) the wrap from cables. This was already told to me at the reception. But I left everything as it is. Stupid Sancho!

In any case, the cash income on this day exceeded my expectations.

Luxurious pierogi with cherries.

Thanx for watching the post.

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