Ramiz arabic kebab

I wanted a street food. I have long planned to try Ramiz Arabic Kebab, which is in the “Tonnel” “mall”.

Extensive menu.

On the first day, I took the “Arab specialty” pita with beef. And I sat on the railing of the fence, because Street tables have not yet been brought. Unfortunately, the size of the pita is only one – 300 grams. Tasty – but little. I did not have enough to quench hunger.

Therefore, I ran for a dessert in mak.by. It tastes like McDonald’s.

The next day I chose a chili-kebab with a chicken. I decided not to squeeze the horizontal line on the railing in the ass, he sat on a bench in the next courtyard. Here I ate. Shawarma liked more than the same with “Kurkuma” (in the whole year).

New day, new order. Falafel in lunch box. I went to eat on a bench near the metro. The first thing that catches your eye is the difference between the dish and the fact that the picture (yes, I know, often there is such a postscript in the menu). And we have two pieces of falafel instead of six. But, in any case, I was tasty and satisfying.

I ate and admired this blooming chestnut. In my opinion, the most beautiful of flowering trees in the RB. Even more beautiful than instagram “apple” tree on “Komarovka”.

Thanx for watching the post!

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  1. То есть шаверма у Рамиза вкуснее, чем у Куркумы?

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