Pilaf in a pot on fire

We continue to cook on the fire. This time we cooked pilaf under the strict guidance of chef Svetlana.

Traditionally, everything starts, yes, with the collection of branches. Ideal fuel for cooking.

The chef consults the culinary records of her ancestors.

There will be no recipe, I will only say about the main proportions: meat / onion / carrot / rice – 1/1/1/1.

Frames with a sequence of actions.

Interfering and mixing.

The chef lovingly rubs the cumin in his hands.

Note the deficit! of garlic in stores that day. As always, a neighbor Maryan, a summer resident of level 80, helped out with a couple of cloves.


It turned out great for my taste. Due to taste preferences, spicy pepper is for me personally.

We will repeat. BUT! The chief said that the second time would be worse! Yes, she said so.

My gratitude to the hospitable hosts!

Thanx for watching the post.

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