Picnic on the stump

*Picnics. Due to my procrastination, in this post I will show a report on my two trips.

I arrive at the place on a cool autumn morning. I love this time of year: it’s not hot anymore and there are no clouds of mosquitoes.

Having walked just a couple of hundred meters deep into the forest, I see that the deforestation that began last year has not stopped.

Usually, at first, it’s just a photo hunt. I don’t touch inedible or unfamiliar ones.

And here are the first mushrooms under the knife.

Tell me, what kind of mushroom?

Forest paths and more.

From time to time, you have to take mushrooms from other lovers.

In total, about 4 liters were collected.

Have a snack and head towards home.

On the way back I saw a strange picture: more than ten bottles with a cloudy liquid. I couldn’t find an explanation, and I didn’t sniff the contents.

I sorted the mushrooms: left for frying, right for soaking.

All clear.

Didn’t post, didn’t eat.

This is the end of the first part of the post.

In the second part I will try to be as brief as possible.

Had arrived.

I took pictures of these overgrown mushrooms.

And I took this one.

And these too.

Like last time, I didn’t touch the russula. All wormy.


My favorite view in this forest.


Picnic before the return trip.

The last accord to fill the bucket.

If you like to pick mushrooms, love and sort them out.

A lot of mushrooms.

The milk mushrooms went to soak. Assorted mushrooms are boiled. And honey mushrooms are pickled.

Thanx for watching the post.

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