Picnic on the stump. Opening and closing the season 2022

Minsk-North railway station.

As a regular visitor could notice, the site is rarely updated in recent months. This is not because of laziness (because of it I rarely updated before), but because of studying.
And so, in order not to miss the collection of mushrooms this year at all, i took a half day for a trip.

I start in the direction of the Zelyenoje.

I did not pin hopes on a repeat of last year’s success.

Armillaria mellea

My first honey fungus (honey agaric).

Autumn forest.

Something unknown.

Autumn forest

Autumn forest 2.

A selection of mushrooms, unfamiliar or inedible.

Autumn forest

Autumn forest 3.

A small stream on the edge of forest.

The field near the forest.

The forest is small, located between the railway and the highway to Molodechno. You won’t be able to stay in silence.

Another unknown old mushroom.

Well, there is no way without fly agarics. Someday I will risk cooking them.

Like last year, deforestation continues.

Finally, something edible. I suppose this is an Suillus (Maslyonok). Or not?

Autumn forest 4.


Russula. Left.

Periodically I have to wade through the thickets. Consequences.

The weather changed every 10 minutes.

Where is the north?

I feel that it is edible, but I don’t know what it is.

Many articles have been written about tearing mushrooms with the root. This is not harmful to mycelium, even useful.

A few more Armillaria mellea mushrooms.

Added: I have been trying to find a gathering place since last year, but without success.

There were a lot of overgrowth mushrooms. I didn’t take it.

Oh, yes, a picnic!

I chose such a beautiful high stump with a mushroom at the foot.

Standard set of products: boiled egg, brisket, cucumber, bread, kvass. And salt.

Kvass advertising. Although I prefer Lidsky.

You already know that I do not leave the garbage behind. But, here’s the proof.

On the way home.

The tree is simply huge, the video does not convey sizes. The Mighty spruce. Was.

The result of mushroom hunting – slightly covered the bottom. Near a liter.

Thanx for watching the post.

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