Picnic on a stump in November

Yes, I closed the season. But after watching videos about late autumn mushrooms, I decided to go to the forest.

Standard train. But this time I was the only mushroom picker.

The weather cooperated.

Turning into the forest, you immediately notice that cutting down continues.

Tree mushrooms.

There were mushrooms at every step. But they were either unfamiliar or inedible.

Huge Paxillus.

The main goal was to find flammulina. These mushrooms are similar, but not. I didn’t recognize them for sure either.

Beautiful autumn forest.

Finally, the first edible mushroom: Hydnum Rufescens.

I also wanted to try fly agaric.

Someone recently wandered along the same paths.

The old one. Wormy.

Another couple like this. Didn’t touch it.

Such mushroom carpets were encountered periodically.

But despite such abundance of mushrooms, by the time of the picnic there was almost nothing in my bucket. I also carried fly agaric separately in a bag.

November picnic.

And a smaller carpet on the way back.

Eventually. I still got scared and threw away the fly agaric. I laid the Hydnum Rufescens to dry.

And the chanterelles came to breakfast.

Thanx for watching the post.

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