My Pigeon Story

Spoiler: this is a rare post not under the tag of “didntpostdidnteat”. A story that happened a couple of years ago.

In the house there was a major overhaul, and my updated balcony attracted the attention of a pair of pigeons.

At first they just flew in and purred, and then they began to build a nest. I didn’t like this prospect, and I regularly removed branches. Birds persistently continued in different places of the balcony.

Pigeon’s egg

This went on for several weeks while at one moment, I found it.

Then I returned the branches, made a kind of nest out of them. Yes, at the photo there is a nest made by Sancho.

The pigeons liked it. The birds were a little finalized. A day later, the number of eggs doubled.

A week later I noticed a shell near the nest. An exciting moment.

Pigeon’s chicks.

For the first time I saw the chicks of a pigeon.

The mother hen.

In a day. We need more photos of pigeon nestlings.

Pigeon nestling

It is clear that I wanted to touch them. I have previously studied the information on this issue: in my case, it was safe for the chicks.

The parent is worried.

More photos of pigeon’s nestlings.

And the video.


For those who did not see the process in the extra-zoomed photo.

The days passed, the chicks ate, grew and shitting. Growing up, eating and shitting. Shitting and ate. Until the moment…

I woke up in the morning and habitually decided to look at the birds. I saw only an empty nest and blood spots throughout the balcony. Apparently, the chicks became victims of craws.

A very sad moment. The pigeons flew away after that. And no longer returned those year.

Live and death of Sancho’s pigeons.

And for the next (and subsequent) years, magpies tried to sink the nest on the air conditioner. But this is another story, I already talked about it.

Thanx for watching the post.

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