Fried potato with wild mushrooms and pork brisket

After several weeks of hellish heat, the rain finally poured. And this means that in a couple of weeks I can go on a silent hunt.

I have a small stock of frozen mushrooms from last season. And I prepare them before the opening of a new one. The dish with 1000 and 1 drop of fat. And yes, I have already cooked potatoes with brisket.


I started by frying the brisket.

I threw the potatoes into a colander.

With a slotted spoon, in order to capture less fat, I transfer the cracklings to a plate (more dirty dishes to God of dirty dishes).

I add butter to the frying pan, pour out mushrooms and onions. Pepper. Fry on high heat. Salt.

I transfer it to a plate with cracklings.

I add a lot of vegetable oil to the pan, spread the dried potatoes. Perch. I do not touch for about 5 minutes. Then I mix it. I wait 5 minutes, mix again. Once again. I cover with a lid and leave for 10 minutes. Look at the readiness of the potatoes. Salt (yes, just now).

I add the contents of the plate with cracklings to the pan. I stir and let it warm up.

Ideally sprinkled with dill/parsley, served with seasonal vegetables (berries). But I’m far from ideal.

Thanx for watching the post.

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