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The main theme of the trip is wasps. Yes, wasps!

My hosts got wasps again. I set myself the main task – to remove the vespiary. Not for the first time. I have already destroyed a wasp’s nest in the ground. And in Minsk I removed the nest from the balcony of a neighbor …


Karcher and the pan called for help. A couple of minutes, and almost all the wasps are inside the vacuum cleaner. The nest was carefully scraped off and carried in a saucepan to the place of the last resting place.

Burn with a bright flame.

Did the job – eat (although I eat without work).

And some berries from the garden, I’m in the country.

Beautiful flowers.

And berries.

And overgrown mushrooms in the forest. And snails.

Of course, I collected several wheelbarrows of brushwood.

However a dispute arose with the hosts about the brushwood (without details). And until it’s settled, I’m suspending collection. But the collected should be enough for a long time.

I was cooking rice porridge on the fire again. Okay, pilaf. The branches I have collected are ideal for this process.

Everyone liked it.

Traditional barbecue and late meal.

On my way home.

I also brought some home.

Thanx for watching the post!

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