Colored eggs for Easter

This is a gift from my parents. I love them.

This year, the popularity is gaining coloring eggs with wine, but this is all from the Evil one. Like coloring paints. God does not accept such.

Only onion husk is truly Orthodox.

I already wrote about staining eggs. I will be brief. Pour a husk with water. Boiled it an hour. Cooled it. Remove the husk from the decoction, put eggs for an hour. After, boil to your favorite degree of readiness. I hold 7 minutes after boiling water.

I specifically searched for white eggs so that the coloring was visible.

Easter breakfast. There is a mayonnaise behind the photo. As always, I spilled a coffee drink while he carried the cup to the table.

I continue to operate the fact that I still have a Christmas tree.

Thanx for watching the post!

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