Canteen “Minskvodokanal”

Winter is outside. The weather is appropriate. I love snowfall, especially when there is no need to clean up the snow.
I was not too lazy to climb the pedestrian bridge at the Minsk-Vostochny station. With nostalgia for summer and Domashany.

In front of the entrance to the building there is an installation with the slogan: “Water is the only drink of a wise man.”

Lunch itself, crepes with cabbage, potato soup, goulash with mashed potatoes and salad with seaweed. And compote. A little more than $4.

One moment has been boiling for a long time: morons in line, pushing trays close to yours. And this visit is no exception. I wanted to write that there will be a separate cauldron in hell for you, but what is not, is not. So just know, you assholes!

Thanx for watching the post.

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