“Bolognese” sauce

This post is expanse for culinary snobs (CS). You can find fault with each step. But, as one YouTube-Kulinar used to say, we will name him, for example, Laserson, if you wrote the name of the dish in quotation marks, then there should be no complaints about you.

My budget did not allow me to buy celery, so I doubled carrots … Minced meat from sale, purely pork.

Cooking process.

The hour stewed under the lid, after, during the cooking of pasta, without.

Today, as the CS would say, criminally, I took Spaghetti.

So! Today is February 23. Someone considers him a male holiday, but not me. And, if you are my like -minded people, but you need a reason – it is. Today, Bart Simpson celebrates the birthday.

Thanx for watching the post.

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