Aero Motorcycle Jacket “Type J-106”

At this photo, I am in March 2002, just returned from the outfit in the army.
I got the leather jacket I was wearing by barter in exchange for a 19’ CTX CRT monitor.

Despite my passion for heavy music, all these years I put on a jacket only for one-time photos.

This is how a series of photos with sparklers appeared, which originates on New Year’s Eve 2009, repeats 10 years later in the summer of 2019, and ends in April 2022.

And now I decided to sell this expensive (literally) jacket.

Aero Motorcycle Jacket “Type J-106” for sale with photos.

Thanx for watching the post.

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5 thoughts on “Aero Motorcycle Jacket “Type J-106””

  1. 500$ but you are to send it to Bahamas

    1. For those who do not understand the meaning of the phrase “without shipping” I will send it specially. Only the cost will be $500 + 13%. And 100% advance payment.

  2. Less smile through the years(((
    But the jacket is too awesome to be sold)))

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